Spiritual But Not Religious

Some Sunday-go-meeting-goers have...out of concern for my spiritual well being...asked the question as to why I gave up on God and the Church, because of my infrequent attendance and participation in what happens in  the denominated building. My response was that I have not given up on God nor the Church, what I have given up on is Religion and its offspring denominations. This was puzzling to them because in their mind Church was the Sunday-go-meeting held in segregated denominated building.

Religion is a product of the seed of Antichrist and denominations are man-inspired products of Religion. Religion is man's attempt to find God...but...God is not lost or in need of finding? On the other hand, the Church is about God finding people who are lost in themseves and in the deceptions of Religion. Religion and denominationalism prevent the Community of the Redeemed from maturing to as the Church that Jesus said He would build! Thus, the Community of Humanity has not experienced the true Church in action. Oh yes, they have seen the man-inspired, man-made, and man-run counterfeit in some denominated building hosting Sunday-morning-programmed-event-driven-meetings, but the genuine Jesus established Church has not been experience by the majority of the religionists, let alone the people of the world.

The way I see it is that denominations are a result of  men's interpretation of the bible that is deemed to be more correct than another man's interpretation warranting, a different denominated building to house the spiritual...at least they think so...wisdom gained my man's intellect further diving the Body of Christ. 

While there is a lot of overlapping in the teachings of all denominations, the elitist attitude is that we have a deeper revelation of spiritual matters than you, thus our denomination is truer than yours, thus we are loved by God more than you are. 

Be it known that I respect people who have found a religious discipline that feels aligned with their truth, but I not accept religious deception that has been accepted as truth or accept denominated denomination as the authentic Church of Jesus Christ thus, all are counterfeits of the real thing and BAD COUNTERFEITS AT THAT!

Instead of Religion being the road to spiritual riches, it is a roadblock to spiritual riches and the road to spiritual proverty!

Religion is one's capacity to be guided by the hierarchy of one's denomination of choice such as...bible reading, time spent in prayer, paying tithes, attending the Sunday-go-meetings etc..

On the other hand.

Spiritually is about getting out of ones own way...the way of Adam...and removing the hinderances that religion has erected to allow ourselves to be guided and taught by the Spirit of Truth.

That means: Letting go of religious expectations...Moving away from religious manipulation and control and its  traditionalism and embrace revelatory spiritual experiences...Quieting the voice of our carnal religious ego so we can hear the voice of inner wisdom from the Spirit of Christ...Making radical changes is scary for a religionist and facing the uncertainty of change with faith in Christ from faith in Religion is hard because of the deception they are in.

Spirituality is a commitment to walking the spiritual path from the heart to the head and from the head to our daily living, this does not happen in a religious environment. It’s a choice to free yourself from letting religious tradition take the lead in your life so you can surrender your religious attachments and instead, let your inner man, taught by the Spirit be your guide. It’s the decision to choose love over fear...to withhold judgment of yourself or others, to stop labeling everything as “right” or “wrong,” to transition from a black and white “dualistic” world to a non-dual perspective that is comfortable with paradox. It’s the willingness to make your life an offering to our loving heavenly Father. It’s your commitment to learning to receive, interpret, and discern the voice of the Spirit, mixed with the courage to actually act upon His guidance, even when it directs you away from religion and its traditions.

When you choose to live by Kingdom principles and your prayer becomes make me a vessel for sharing the love of God to people, you know then you are definitely on the correct spiritual path, without the religion-ness of religion. And when you realize that orchestrating your spiritual life around religion's imprisoning desires and attachments fail to spiritually fulfill you, you need to free yourself from the prison of fear-mongering religious controling fear-mongers. Once you stop letting fear rule your life, you become free. 

Making a commitment to understanding Grace requires forsaking man-made religion. Just because someone is faithful to the religious rules of a denominated "Church" doesn’t mean they’re committed to freeing themselves from the prison of fear and an the ego-driven religious life. Sometimes, their egos are just grasping to the rules of their religion as a way to structure their egotistic religious views and use them as an opportunity to judge those who don’t share their religious view.

In my opinion, anyone who subverts people in the name of religion or judges those who choose to have abortions or has hatred in their hearts towards homosexuals and bans them from their religious segregated denomination, is not truly walking the grace path. When religion becomes an excuse to practice fear, hatred, judgment and condemnation, it takes away from the Amazing Grace of our loving Father, and the opportunity to practice radical love, compassion, forgiveness, in the Community of Humanity.


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