Christ's Superior Gospel.

I am perplexed by a perplexing issue, at least the issue is perplexing to me as a follower of Jesus, Who has ALL power in heaven and earth. 

Why is it that the vast majority of Jesus' followers have more faith in Adam's disobedience and its effect on humanity, in that they have no problem believing that ALL includes EVERYBODY that was ever born or will be born are born in sin?

Yet, refuse to believe in the superiority of Christ's obedience and its effect on humanity, in that ALL people born in the...past...present...or future, died in Christ.

Why do they believe that the power of Satan to keep sinners in greater than the power of Christ to save sinners from sin?

How many people were in Adam? ALL...All followers of Christ believe ALL means EVERYBODY!

How many people were in Christ? ALL...why is it that the majority of the followers of Christ do not believe ALL means EVERYBODY here?  

2 Cor. 5:14 says, “If Christ died for ALL", then ALL that Christ died for don't have to die because they already died as far as God is concerned! Jesus in His incarnation  took ALL the human race in Himself. That means ALL humanity had to be “in Christ.”

When was God's grace given to us? "Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and GRACE which was GIVEN TO US IN CHRIST JESUS BEFORE time began..." (2 Tim. 1:9).

WOW...did you get that...Grace was given to us BEFORE TIME BEGAN!

Jesus is called by Paul, the Last Adam. Now...why are there no dinosaurs around...because when the last one died they were extinct and it was the end of dinosaurs! Now, if Jesus took ALL of humanity unto the cross representative-ly when He went to the cross as the Last Adam, how much of Adam is alive now in the eyes of God...NIL, NOTHING, ZILCH! 

In Mark 15:37 it says, “and Jesus uttered a loud cry, and breathed out His life.” As God breathed the breath of life INTO Adam and he became a living soul...Jesus, the LAST Adam breathed the last breath for the Adamic Race and the Adamic Race ended! Therefore, after the resurrection of Jesus, God sees all of humanity THROUGH Christ’s work on the cross. 1 Corinthians 15:45, “Thus it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being; the last Adam [then] became [after resurrection] a life-giving spirit.”

Are you dancing in God's AMAZING GRACE yet!

How many people did Adam’s sin affect? "Consequently, just as one trespass resulted in condemnation for ALL people," 

How many people did Jesus’ obedience affect? "so also one righteous act RESULTED in justification and life for ALL PEOPLE."

Have we been preaching Man's  Religious Gospel to keep the religious wheels turning rather than the Gospel of Christ's AMAZING GRACE and the GOOD NEWS of the FREEDOM of HUMANITY from the tyranny of sin? Are the followers of Christ guilty of keeping humanity in the bondage of sin's control? 

It is no wonder that the "Good tidings of of great joy" was "Good news" to ALL men...God was about to bring death to conundrum of the Adamic Race and the effect Adam brought upon ALL people.

Does that mean that there is no sin now or there are no consequences to sin...of course not! That is why the Gospel needs to be brought to ALL men...Christ has set them free from the bondage of sin and death and the hell that sin has them enslaved in. People are free but the Gospel that was and is being preached tells them they are not free and keeps them the slaves of sin, instead of preaching the truth that the Gospel of God's Grace has set them free from sin and all they have to do is walk in that freedom by turning from sin (repenting) to Christ.

That is the Gospel of God's AMAZING GRACE!

I wwwwooonnndddeeeerrrr...have we been preached the wrong gospel for ALL these years?

This of course will not be accepted by the religious gospel, because if accepted it will kill ALL Religion!


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