Grace Personified.

True GRACE is nothing less than Jesus personified in the earth by a Community of the Redeemed people who have abandoned themselves to Him by abandoning the old's way of pleasing the new way...His way of pleasing God.

It is sad but much of religion Grace is paid homage to...only as a word...instead of the Living Word...Jesus.

Thus, the reason for religious: hatred, rage, unloving-ness, blaming and shaming, judging and condemning, striving and competing, man-made believing and creed-ing, leading to much discussion and arguments about doctrine correctness. Seeing Grace through religious spectacles sees Grace only as a word and blinds people from seeing that it Grace is JESUS personified in His people. 

Within grace-plus religion the emphasis is on what God's people can do to make themselves more pleasing and thus favorable to God. Within authentic Grace, people surrender the idea that they can take care of reaching spiritual greatness or solving their own spiritual problems. Grace, which comes from God in the PERSON of Jesus Christ, involves the acceptance of the supremacy of the Jesus, our Lord and Savior. It is JESUS ONLY!

It is quoted that Augustine, one of the early Church fathers, said that "God wants to give us good things but our hands are too full to receive them. God always reaches out to us with his grace, but in order to receive his grace we must be willing to empty our  hands and hearts of the religion that we hold near and dear."

I wonder, if we as God's people abandoned the religious performance-based way of relating to God and open our hands and hearts to Him, would we manifest Grace to the point where people would see Jesus personified in the earth in all His power and glory because the veil of religious performance is torn down? God’s the medium of exchange for religious performance, for the Community of the Redeemed in the earth. God freely gives us all the spiritual resources we will ever need, if we will only agree to accept His Grace, minus everything else. 

All that we ever need in order to know and experience God, has been accomplished for us in and through the work of GRACE...Jesus Christ. 


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