Am I moving from being a Believer to a Heretic and from being a Saint to a Sinner? To

To some people out there who have been reading my posts for awhile, I have gone from being a believer to an heretic...from a saint to sinner. Here is the way one individual who hijacks my post solely to argue, and discredit the Grace of our loving Father verbalized how he views me..."Glenn now I know for sure you are all screwed up in the head. You really need to get some counseling somewhere. Probably there are some close friends or relatives nearby that can help you."

Arguing about beliefs will get one no farther spiritually than running on a treadmill will get one from where one is to where one wants to go! Yet there are those who use other people's post solely to argue that their beliefs are right and the writer's beliefs are wrong and then on to judge and condemn the writer.

In my posts I am not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking or believing. Let me tell you quite plainly...if you are happy in your religious denomination of choice...stay there. If what I say disagrees with your religious doctrines  and you read it and respond to it solely to get  an argument going to show that you are a hot-shot at shooting bible verses to prove your religious theories...with all do respect...I suggest you not even read what I write. I write to appeal to people who are left in the murkiness of man-made-doctrines and religious badgering, and for those who have never darted their nose through the door of a denominated building.

I admit the content of my posts, are more Jesus glorifying than religion glorifying or even Bible glorifying! Though I see the Bible as valuable and informative, it is often a misunderstood, misused and an abused collection of writings that were addressed to people in the culture and environment of easterners some time after Christ's physical earth journey. Bible literalists show little if any objectivity when they proof text the Bible...they  make rash presuppositions without keeping in mind who wrote it, the cultural context, the historical or contextual context of the writer, or the reader at that time.

Some of the things that I write make some readers who view the scriptures from a infallible and inerrant mentality are ready to stone me because I question their error-less perfectionist mentality regarding the Bible. I heard one preacher last night refer to such people as myself as"so-called Christians". The thing is though, I am not alone in the "so-called Christian" category, for I keep company with, Martin Luther, St. Augustine, CS Lewis, Paul and Jesus Christ Himself, just to name a few who have questioned the scriptures!

To a lot of my spiritual siblings my questioning the Bible's infallibility and error-less-ness secures me a one way ticket on the hell-bound-train to the torture chamber, because to be a BELIEVER one must believe in the infallible and error-less Bible.

I believe that the writings of the writers in the Bible are their writings...they are not a transcript of God's articulated words. I don’t believe that God overrode man's humanity of the select religious translators, controlled their writing hand, and wrote the Bible. That is not to say that the Bible is invalid though, but it is not infallible...only God is infallible!

People have said that I lack the faith that God could provide a perfect book. I believe that God is a real being who interacts with us. Therefore I believe God can and does influence us in how to interpret the Bible in its correct context! When I come across scriptures  that I do not understand...and there are many...I conclude that I do not understand the issue or know enough about the subject to form a conclusion and I make an interpretation that shows kindness and love to people, which I believe was and is the way of Jesus.

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