Did God Create the Greatest Enemy of the Cross?

Did God create a being with a power greater than His power...who would use that power to chose to go to hell rather than heaven? 
If God, as religion teaches and believes...created in man a "Free Will" which he could use to chose to be saved or chose to go to "hell" instead...and that the VAST MAJORITY OF HUMANS will choose to go to "hell as is taught by religion...wouldn't that mean that God Himself created something that turns out to be the greatest "Enemy of the Cross" and thwarts His "Will" that all be saved?

"God is NOT WILLING that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance." If God is NOT WILLING that any should perish, does it not follow that His WILL is that ALL be saved? Did God create man with a "Will" that will override and stop His "Will" from being fulfilled? If He did, would that not be MORONIC!

I wonder did Jesus put His "Seal of Approval" on such a plan...If He did, He approved that which will cause the vast majority of the very same people he died to save because he LOVES them, to be consciously tormented and suffer in a torture chamber of hell's flames for ever and ever without end!

WOW!!! And that is what religion calls the "Good News Gospel?"
I wonder.......could there be something about "Free Will" we do not understand?

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