Did Kim Davis have Biblical Grounds for Doing what She Did?

There is a question begging to be answered:

Is the reasoning and the reaction of Kim Davis truly a stand for the upholding of Biblical standards or is it a form of religious badgering?

If she is truly a Biblical standard upholder, should such religious fervor have been used for the multiple marriage license issued to her that allowed her multiple marriages, that is frowned upon as Bible disobedience by the religious denomination she belongs to?

People who are raised in an environment where people believe their personal religious beliefs...formed from often misguided and misunderstood denominated-influenced interpretations of the Bible...should their beliefs be the rule of law to deprive non-religious or other different religious people, the right of access to what is lawful theirs according to the lawmakers of the land?

I admit...I too was such a religionist in regarding the rightness of my religious beliefs and felt that the people I came in contact with should be subjected to my perceived truth, and if they wanted to live by correct Bible principles they needed to believe the way I did. Upon reflection and thinking for myself instead of believing the religious diet I was fed, I realized that this form of religious badgering and discrimination is the antithesis of being a follower of Jesus Christ.

It is a person's prerogative  to refrain from marrying gay people, go to gay weddings, or believe that same sex marriage is unacceptable within their particular denominational tradition. However, they absolutely cannot try to take away civil rights, freedom, justice and liberty from people who do not believe the way they do. Such religious thinking and enforcement leads to godless anarchy.

It is not illegal to be a believer in America...that is an unwise, uninformed and a cop-out by the religious religionists. However, it is illegal and ungodly to enforce your personal religious beliefs on others by using what you believe to be a Biblical principle to refuse or to grant the rights of society to people who do not agree with what you deem to be Bible standards.

Any religion that teaches that granting people society rights, as determined by governments who are put in place by the people, by saying; "To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God's definition of marriage with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience. It is not a light issue for me. It is a Heaven or Hell decision," is practicing religious bigotry! She goes on to declare that she will not be stepping down..."I was elected by the people to serve as the county clerk. I intend to continue to serve the people of Rowan County, but I cannot violate my conscience." 

If this lady was a waitress in a restaurant and she was of a faith that believed eating pork was a sin, would she refuse to to sell it to people because her religious conscious was violated! The doctrine of hell fire is indeed a manipulative controlling doctrine that makes people irrational in their thinking and knowledge of our loving Father God.

Isn't it odd to refuse a marriage license to a couple because you believe the Bible condemns such, when the Bible is SILENT on the such that is condemned? However, the Bible does say something about the issue of divorce and remarriage. The religious group that she belongs to believes that if people get a divorce  for reason's other than infidelity  and then remarries, that person is guilty of committing perpetual adultery and that is one of the great "thou shalt not's". Did this lady receive more than one marriage license or give license to divorced people, if she did isn't it hypocritical to take the position she did regarding the issue of gay marriage?

Now, do I think this lady should be jailed for her action...NO...if she believes she is going against a Biblical standard maybe the integral thing to do was to resign and find a job that does not require her to violate what she believes to be Biblical standards. 

Was she jailed for practicing her religion...or...was she jailed for using the government to force others to practice her religion?  

So did Kim Davis have valid Biblical grounds for doing what she did? 

I am just asking.

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