Flock Badgering!

How would you feel hearing this from the pulpit after you missed last Sunday's service?

“We had a hallelujah time in the service last Sunday as a number of us faithful assembled together as "The Church" as the Bible commands us to do. It was, however, very  disappointing that some members were unfaithful in their attendance...for if you weren't here you are unfaithful to the Church, even if you excused yourselves for secular or family reasons, the reasons you stayed home for had nothing to do with worshiping God. If we are followers of Jesus we need to assemble together on Sunday's for that is where God comes among us so we can meet with him as the faith community. The only legitimate excuse to be absent from the assembly is if you are either sick in some hospital bed or you are dead! Folks, it always comes down to our priorities and our level of commitment to living out our commitment to the Church and to God. If you made the wrong choice last Sunday, reflect deeply on how it reflects your commitment to God  and what kind of message it sends to sinners outside of our Church.  God is love, and he requires that we return that love by coming to Church to meet with him on Sabbath Sunday!”

Wow...if that is not shoveling a stinking load of should-a-could-a-crap into the faces of the manipulated, controlled and deceived pew-warmers while playing a high handed hand of the Shame-and-Blame game riddled with guilt and condemnation throwing...THEN WHAT IS? Where is the "good news" of the Gospel in such rhetoric? 


What would make this Pastor-Shame-er, or anyone else for that matter, pass such negative judgement on people's heart and motive for not attending a segregated-denominated-meeting that has little...if anything...to do with the Church of Jesus Christ or His Gospel!
Does he think that people's love and devotion to God increases because of such shaming and blaming tactics.
What makes him think that God wants  a “shotgun” forced commitment with people?

God forgive him, for he knoweth not you or your gospel...AMEN!

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