The Way.

Jesus boldly asserted, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!” He came to change the religious way of thinking and acting. He came to free us from ‘religious performance based’ living as His dealing with the religious elite of His day shows us.

Because of the cross and the resurrection of is no longer you and I trying to do our religious best to earn God’s favor to be accepted by Him. It is God saying, "I have come to you, I have done it ALL and the All I have done is sufficient, so there is NO DOING left TO BE DONE, you are accepted by me. I am all that you need in life." He put an end to religion as the way to Him and and offers something we can all understand and relate to...RELATIONSHIP...yet man stubbornly will not release their relationship with religion and refuse to embrace the freedom of relationship with God through Jesus.

Jesus said, “I am the Way!” that means the Bible is not the Way, it points to the Way. Sunday-go-performance-meetings are not the Way, they on times are a means that lead people astray. Christianity is not the Way, though it should point to the Way. Good works are not the Way, His working of His works through us indicates we are in the Way. Religion is not the Way, it often gets in the way of Jesus the Way. The WAY is a PERSON...JESUS HIMSELF! We have been introduced to God through Jesus and have been given a divine invitation to enter a relationship with God Himself. The invitation is not for sinners only but, is offered to religious saints as well, but stubbornly refused by many saints.

Are you tired of jumping through religious hoops? Are you worn out by religious performances? Are you spiritually parched because of religion's unquenchable thirst? Are you fearful of God because of religious fear-mongering? I imagine Jesus saying...can you hear Him.... "Trust in Me, I will give you water, living water that you can freely drink of and never thirst again. Come with Me and you’ll recover your life as you loose you life in Me and I will give you rest and peace. Walk with Me and I will work My works through me and learn the freedom of my grace and love. Walk with me on Loves Highway, live and love as my loved child and you’ll learn to live freely in my love and grace”.

This truly is GOOD NEWS!

A correct understanding of of Grace is to understand how God gives Himself to us. He gives His life to us as a gift that is entirely undeserved and unearned by us. We do not deserve anything that God gives us and there is nothing we can do to earn it...God gives to ALL and loves ALL with no strings attached, that is grace!

The gospel is Good News, the proclamation that Jesus DONE it and there is NO DONES left for you to DO to gain and maintain a relationship with the Divine, it is not a list of rules to obey so that something good will happen! All that must be done for a person to live in union with God has been accomplished for us by Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection. Forsake you own way, forsake religion's way and walk in His Way.

And that my friend, is "Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound"!

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