Grace is amazing, wondrous and the good-news gospel, yet somehow completely disagreeable to the grace-butting religious system.  Grace is the Love which covers a multitude of sins.  It does not diminish God's  abhorrence of sin.  It just takes the finished work of Jesus and applies it once-and-for-all to people's sins...past...present...and future.  Then Grace abundantly pours out forgiveness, kindness, acceptance and love without regard for one's performance.

When believers err in sin...or are deluded by false doctrine...God's hatred of these things are not lessened.  But neither is His love and grace lessened to the people that are involved in these things and He does not forsake them. The problem is, people live like that is the case because of man-made religious beliefs and misinterpretation of the scriptures.

These beliefs allow the religionists to read or preach from 1 Corinthians or Colossians, with all its problems and struggles with false doctrine and sin, and somehow separate themselves from it, acting and believing as if they are different.  In other words, the Grace of God was abundant toward people in these cities who believed outrageously erroneous things.  But God's grace doesn't work that way to people today...or so we are told.  In the religious performance system, one must be doctrinal sound and involved in the do's and dont's in order experience God's Grace and Love, which basically makes grace and love a reward for fighting for what they believe to be correct doctrine and good behavior which is directly opposite to what the Gospel of God's Grace is.

Unfortunately allowance for God's Grace is not a tone on the religious scale of harmonic scale.  It merely focuses on the sins, failures, heresies and aberrations of people, and calls for a stand against it all with judgement and condemnation.

Jesus and Paul stood against sin, false doctrine, heresy, and aberration while simultaneously loving those people instead of judging and condemning them as being outside of God's Grace and Love. That's because God's Holy Spirit does not withhold His grace-gifts or love-gifts when His loved people sin.  That's because His gifts are based on grace and love, and not on performance do's and dont's. 

Somehow we still continue to think that a person's lifestyle of sin de-legitimizes any claim to God's Grace and Love.  We continue to think that if a person is in sin or believes something erroneous that God forsakes and turns His back on them.

If we are going to take a stand against sin we need to be extremely careful we do not take a stand against people...THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO!

Remember, God's Grace and Love is amazing enough to transform the way you think about and view other people who disagrees with you regarding your beliefs.


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