Club House Christians.

 Denominated segregated club-house buildings of exclusion helps club-members who belong to the same denominated-tagged club-house building to feel good about themselves because they are "in" with people in their club of choice. The attitude of "My club is better than your club," fosters the falsehood feeling that allows them to think they have fulfilled the religious duties  to find favor of God. The thing that they feel they have accomplished is..."I have met all the requirements of belonging to my denominated club-house of choice and you who are members of other clubhouses refuse not to believe or meet the requirements of the better clubhouse that I am a member of"...this makes them feel good about themselves and their thinking puts them in better favor with God!

Therein lies the falsehood. A relationship with God is not something we accomplish. It never was, never has been, nor ever will be.  Our relationship, our assurance  for restoration in this life, has always been dependent on God’s Grace and is solely God’s initiative.  That is not to say our responses to His Grace is not is. If we fail to understand and accept the fullness of God's Grace we will not experience the freedom nor the power that it brings and we will remain in bondage to the manipulative tactics  of Club mentality leaders who sprout a control complex. 

As we accept and understand the mystery of God’s Love and Grace and the power it affords us, we accept the truth that God’s Love and Grace is greater than we could ever imagine and includes people outside the narrow-minded club-house mentality and exclusiveness.  

Our narrow-mindedness is why membership forms are signed and kept as to who-is-in the club and who-is-outside the club, and along with the thinking that God keeps an in-and-out list is nothing short of trying to make God a reflection of man's image instead of man reflecting His image!

If we understand God to be the big bad dude in the sky...a vindictive ruler...who judges and condemns sinful men and sends those who oppose Him to eternal suffering and punishment in the torture chamber of hell fire, we will come to a false image of God.  But if we understand God, through Jesus to be the One who welcomes and redeems all...without exclusion...the One who extended grace and mercy to those whom Christ's contemporaries found despicable, and the One who came into the world not to condemn mankind but to redeem them, then we understand the deep and true meaning of the purpose of the Gospel as the purpose of God for the Community of the Redeemed in the Community of Humanity...rather than the escape hell and gain heaven mentality of fear-mongering mongers that is presented in the different denominated club-houses.

Jesus didn't establish a club-house mentality Church that provides career jobs for prophets, popes, bishops, priests, pastors, evangelists, reverends or apostles! These job-titled-offices are awarded to people who are club-house seminarian trained in denominated seminaries by the religious hierarchy who believe they have scriptural authority to set these people in office as channels from God to the pew-warmer as to what God wants them to know spiritually. 

Thus the pew-warmer is led to feel somewhat inferior spiritually and never reaches their full potential in God, to where God deals directly with them without the aid of the denominated-club-house authoritative human mediator.

Therefore they remain spiritual wanting!


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