The great disaster of Christendom is people's fight for religious denominated truth which is blinding them to the TRUTH of the GOSPEL resulting in Christendom's failure to stand for GOSPEL TRUTH! Christendom has been tricked by the spirit of religion. As the TRUTH...Jesus...confronted the religious spirited people during His earth walk, the TRUTH of the GOSPEL confronts religious denominated truth today and religious truth confronts GOSPEL TRUTH. The difference is, while religious truth confrontation is mean spirited and demeaning in confronting the GRACE TRUTH GOSPEL...the GRACE TRUTH GOSPEL is lovingly spirited in confronting religious denominated truth.

Within Christendom today the conveniences of accommodating religious truth far outweighs the acceptance of the freedom of the Grace Truth Gospel in that that manipulating controllers lose their power and control over the people. Religious distortion of Jesus is a distortion of His Gospel of Grace and a distortion of God! 

True teachers teach TRUTH truly, while false teachers teach falsehood as truly TRUTH convincing people they are being taught TRUTH. Both claim to tell the truth. When our ears are tickled with the escapism theory and our hearts are preyed on by the eternal punishment of hell, we are ripe to accept the religious way as the Gospel Way, but the two ways oppose each other.

False religious doctrine is powerful and addictive, that is why confronting religious teaching with the  GOSPEL TRUTH is not a matter of winning arguments or feeding egos, but clearly and lovingly informing people that religious false doctrine is a lethal poison?

Any doctrine that is contrary to the Gospel of GRACE is damning. If we buy into such false doctrine we will never enter into the fullness of the Kingdom of God on earth. 

Believers must be prudent in flushing away false doctrine..if we don't we are bound to be entrapped by it! 


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