Should we Always Accept what we Believe as Truth to be Truth?

I now have been on this earth journey for 66 years, for 51 of those years I have been striving to be God-conscious. For some 30 of those 51 years I was striving to be God-conscious by being sin-conscious trying not to commit what was taught me as sin and in the effort became so sin-conscious that I obtained the wrong aspect of who God is. I was religionized by sin-consciousness to believe God would forsake me because He could not look upon sin, therefore my sinning separated me from God, and if I died without repenting of that sin I would end up in the torture chamber of hell, suffering agonizing torture for all eternity. Yet I was told that God is Love and that He loved me with a never ending I began to think for myself the pieces of this religious puzzle could not fit together in my understanding.

I listened to sermons that said that the answer to all my problems is to accept Jesus because my problems would disappear and the journey would be easier.

I listened to sermons on tithing that people put people under "God's curse" because they did not tithe and because they did not tithe their finances would disappear as if there was a hole in the money bag they kept their money in.

Yet the religious sibling jealousy, back-stabbing, gossiping, spiritual elite attitudes, I'm right, your wrong mentality, man-made tradition and doctrine were perceived to be OK, or at the least, sin that God did not separate from you because you committed them.

I have found that in traveling this earth journey, people will weather one crisis only to meet head on with another.

Most people in life will never be entirely free of pain, discouragement, disappointment, and will go through periods of suffering.

But I have found that Christ uses these circumstances to transform you. So stand in Christ and view things from His perspective. And learn the secret of living care-free by casting your care on Him.

If there is anything I have learned as I get older it is this: A lot of what I was certain was truth when I was younger I questioned in last 21 of my older years and continue to question whatever new philosophy I learn.

What is the use of growing older if we hang on to ignorance by accepting all that we have learned and refused to question the validity of what we were taught was truth? With growing older should come maturity...with maturity should come experience...with experience should come wisdom...and...a big part of wisdom is questioning, and the discovery that the more we learn, the more we realize how ignorant we really are...and...accept the fact that in our ignorance some of what we were taught as truth was accepted as truth because we heard the lie presented as truth was from people we thought to be honest and truthful, because the religious theological experts attached God, Jesus, the Bible and and the Holy Spirit to the lies.

I have learned that...lllliiiiffffeeee...ALL OF a learning experience teaching me what I don't know, especially what I don't know about the things that I thought I knew.

That my friend is why we should ALWAYS tread HUMBLY and NEVER cement what we think is truth in concrete because it is very difficult to accept that the truth we believe to be a lie!


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