Am I Causing People to Upchuck?

Some of us drink so long at the religious trough we get drunk on self-righteousness and cause people to be intoxicated with our religious verbiage, while we feast on the delusion that God has endowed us with...exclusive rights to correct Bible interpretation, inside knowledge of God, the cross-work of Christ and His Gospel. We leave no room for people to question the sourness of our self-righteousness, no room for them to think for themselves before trying to digest the religious hogwash we are feeding them that prevents them from fully living in the Grace and Love of God.

Though we think we are making disciples of Christ...we make disciples of men, ideologies and religious fables and end up assimilating people into our denominated religious beliefs.

We portray ourselves as always right; a true, genuine disciple of Christ...the people who don't agree with our ideologies are in some stage of rebellion and waywardness...desperately in need of our spiritual guidance and discipleship. People who do not hold to our religious ideologies are apostates, dwelling somewhere in the big shadow cast by our spiritual elitist attitude as we spray on our favorite aromas of “Arrogance”, "Judgemental-ism", and "Condemnation" made by "Chanel Religion". The aroma emanating from being the spiritual flowered elite, while smelling good to us, smells to those we seek to influence for Christ, like hog-wash from the denominated pig-pen of our rotting self-righteousness.
The "we are right and you are wrong" attitude that we portray turns the stomach of the people we so deem are wrong, to the point that they upchuck and spew out our self-righteous attitude and all that goes with it.

Excuse me...while I go and upchuck my arrogant attitude because of the poison I am feeding them, I will return and humbly ask the people who are upchucking for their forgiveness and express my desire to learn from them.

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