Does the Gospel we Hold to Diminish or Maximize Jesus?

I wwwooonnndddeeerrr...If we accepted the words of Paul in the above scripture as true, would that mean:

If we refuse the truth of the gospel for man-made delusions of the gospel as truth, would we not be found accepting deception as truth and our ability to spiritually mature would be drastically impeded?

If we discredit and diminish the love and grace of God because of religious man-made traditional beliefs, would we not be found discrediting and diminishing Jesus?

If we are justified in condemning people for the company they keep, should we not condemn Jesus Christ for being a "friend of sinners"...for attending a wedding party where the guests got drunk and after all the wine was gone made new wine for them to drink...for associating with a prostitute...and associating with a tax collector and swindler?

I wonder...would Jesus befriend homosexual's and the seemingly hopeless, or would He be found judging and condemning them by standing with the self-righteous "sainted saints" against them, while believing they are standing for Christ and the "christian cause", all the while making some chicken-killer chicken-seller rich by eating genetically altered, chemically grown, deep fried greasy chicken while believing they are standing up for the cause of Christ?

A man is allowed to ask...ain't he?

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