The Fabricated System.

In the modern Church world, Church is defined as man-made structures, man-made ideologies, man-made doctrine and selfish man-wanted conveniences, gained by hierarchical appointed, titled people who abuse, misuse and misinterpret the Bible to manipulate and control people through fear-mongering for the survival of the fabricated identity as to who and what the Community of the Redeemed is. 

However, this system has duped the Community of Humanity and the majority of the Community of the Redeemed...the Church...that Jesus said He would build. This system can and has survived without the glory of God because the deceived within never experienced the glory of God, for "God no longer dwells in temples made with hands." Thus, the glory of God does not exist where God does not dwell.

But it can and does dwell in the Church that Jesus is building known as the Community of the Redeemed and the Community of the Redeemed CANNOT survive without the glory of God in its midst.

The glory of God is in the Community of the Redeemed even though it is obscured by the fabricated system. But, there is a crack in the system and some people are seeing outside of the system and beholding the glory of God in people because of the Grace and Love of God that Jesus revealed and accomplished through His finished cross-work.

With every believer that breaks through the crack in the fabricated system the crack widens, and people within the system catch a glimpse of the glory of God in the people who are free of the fabrication and realize that the Community of the Redeemed cannot experience its full spiritual potential as the Church without the glory of God.

Thus the great exodus of people from the fabricated system!

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