A Reformation of Togetherness.

Is the segregated segregation spawned because of doctrinal differences one of the reasons non-church-people accuse church-people of being a disunited family, not having the will or mind of Christ because of the myriad of different doctrines and segregated denominated buildings, that supposedly, are all biblical?

Now, if the people who take the bible literally,  say the bible is true and is the inspired word of God, cannot agree as to what it says, and form different denominations to support the differences in interpretation and doctrinal beliefs...how in the name of all that is holy...can denominated institutions show the people in the Community of Humanity that the Community of the Redeemed are one as Christ and His Father are one?

Denominationalism is a mockery to the unity that Jesus prayed for His children and adds to the disunion the Community of the Redeemed.

As if it wasn't bad enough that segregation is sanctioned by the different denominations, segregation is also practiced within individual denominations themselves. It seems that denominationalism is working overtime to ensure that the unity Christ desires is NOT realized.

I don’t see how it helps the overall Community of the Redeemed to be segregated because of age, gender, status of membership, etc.. God is not in the separation business He is in the togetherness business.

Most churches offer segregation to youth, children and babies during the programmed meeting. This is artificial. It tells the children that what ever God is going to do in the adult meeting is not for them and someone else should teach them. This activity is foreign to Jesus, He was a child lover. Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Being united together as a spiritual Community enhances the spiritual maturity of everybody.

People are imprisoned by the traditional rituals and practices. They stifle what the Community of the Redeemed is all about. A "Reformation of Togetherness" is needed in God's Community of the Redeemed. Let's hope that more and more of our brothers and sisters in Christ will throw off these segregation fetters to live as the united Community of the Redeemed that will inspire the Community of Humanity to want God.

If what happens in buildings called churches needs the segregation of children, parents, teenagers, men, women, old, young, and the red, yellow, black and white, "all who are precious in His sight", the question is, is what is taking place in the buildings of God or what the Community of the Redeemed is about?

Isn't it time to shake off the heavy bands of man-created structures and walk out of the prison house of conformity into the freedom and transformation of God's Grace Community.


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