Blessing Seeker or Truth Seeker.

Expectations within social and spiritual relationships seems to be most the predominate feature in most relationships today. Without expectations as a measuring stick of success, many people feel dissatisfaction and experience discontent with social and spiritual living and is a reason the rule and regulation keepers value law is a way for them to measure success. They are blessing-seekers and believe that blessings come to those who follow the rules of the Law and accomplish what is expected.

This philosophical behavior leads to a blessing expectation oriented doctrinal theology, rewarded by performance standards that is predominate within the "religious world" today. However, believers need to embrace the freedom of a "Grace Living Relationship" discovering the embrace of God without the pressure performance theology. We need to break free of religious philosophy and shake of the heavy bands of bondage.

Far more important than blessings is the need for a love relationship with Father Himself! The self-centeredness of believers is a reason that people Christendom have strayed from God's plan for  the Community of the redeemed within the Community of Humanity. The disease of self-centeredness robs one of spiritual life and relationship with Father and with people. Only Grace living loving-people value the "blessing of Father's presence over the blessing of Father's presents."

Blessing-centeredness rather than God-centeredness is a product of the meism doctrinal theology of deception within the modern world of religion.

Religion has imprisoned believers by using theology as a means to capitalize on people's ignorance of religion, by telling them it ss the to ‘get something from God,’ instead of teaching them God’s be satisfied with God Himself.


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