Is God a Terrorist!

I conclude that any theology that regards the hell-factor as a reality, and believing the Bible is Literal, sets people...without them realizing it...up to be religious terrorist bombers, to whom the Bible is the terrorist's manual and God is the big terrorist boss who sets off the hell-bomb to explode in the "sinner's" face at death because the poor "sinner" did not repeat the "sinner's prayer" before death to escape the big terrorist boss's hell-hole that he knowingly created them to be cast into. 

Of course, those people would not agree with my assessment because of being Bible Literalists, but their doctrine on eternal suffering in the torture chamber of hell fire...I believe...substantiates my conclusion.

Those who insist the Bible proves that hell is “literally true” have all but destroyed the very Bible they want everyone to take seriously, destroys the God whom the Bible says is LOVE and reduces Him to a sadist-egoistic-elitists-terrorist who sentences billions and billions and billions of people that He created because of His love to suffer untold agony in an everlasting hell fire to consciously suffer FOREVER! While He, and the few terrorists bombers who repeated the "sinner's prayer" enjoy eternal bliss and take some sort of sadistic pleasure (according to some of the terrorizing terrorists) in the suffering of the sufferers!

In the name of all that is holy and righteous, please hear expect people to believe things are Bible truth that are merely man-invented ideologies...such as an eternal hell and a loving Father God that would sentence the vast majority of His loved creation to eternal suffering not to “defend God or the Bible as almost all religious believers, wrongly believe. 

Instead it is to the discredit of God and the Bible. Rather than preserving that God is LOVE and Bible truth, it seriously undermines God and the Bible.
At least, that is the way I see it.


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