What are the Last Days?

 One of the main scripture verse that most denominations use to keep people corralled in denominated-corrals is 1 Timothy 4:   "The spirit expressly says that in the last days some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils."

Any time one of the corralled starts to question the status quo, showing independent thinking they are cautioned to be careful because of the above verse. Denominated hierarchies has lifted this verse out of its context and corralled its people into corrals of denominated fear of receiving anything, reading anything, believing anything that is different than the denominated doctrines and teachings of the denomination. That is why there are thousands of segregated denominated corrals today all with different beliefs that they all claim to be biblical. Any time one begins to question or think outside the denominated thinking corral, they are warned  to be careful because outside the "denominated covering" deception is rampant and you had better be careful as to what you read and who you listen to or you could be deceived.

Such fear-mongering is a clear cut case where people are usurping the headship of Jesus and the teaching ability of the Spirit of Truth in one's life, the teacher that Jesus said "will lead you into all truth. Truth is validated by Spirit to spirit...not...man to spirit!

What the denominated futurists fail to realize is what Paul is talking about here happened some 2000 years ago. Now, there is no doubt as to when Paul penned these words. My question is, why do the futurists believe that what Paul said, "was about to happen in the "last days" would not happen until 2, 3, 4, or maybe many millenniums into the future. Scripture records that the last days began some 2000 years ago in the time of Jesus. Why do the scriptures declare such?  Could it be because the "last days" they were talking about referred to what happened in 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed. Could it mean that that event was the end of that age. You may ask, What age ended then? Is it possible that the age that ended was the age of religion, the age of the pre-Christ sacrifices as a way to God. Although tit is not evident today, in God's plan completed through the cross-work of Jesus was destroyed! A few years after the destruction man reinstated the dead concept of the works Gospel controlled by the pharisees hierarchy of manipulation and control of people by initiating the clergy/laity system. This mentality of the Pharisees that "I am trained to hear from God, God talks to me, I am trained in Bible interpretations nd understand the scriptures, you the laity are not?"

Early in the Christian it was accepted that only the people trained for the priesthood could understand the scriptures, in fact, the untrained laity were not even to read the scriptures. One denominated corralled people were taught that the Bible was never written for the "common" people to read, let alone understand.

The  religion of today is anti-God, anti--Christ, anti-Spirit and anti-Gospel! It is something that Christ came to kill. But through deception man has resurrected it from the dead and created a host of "religious walking dead" that is hindering the plan of God for the Community of the Redeemed in  the Community of Humanity.

Religion has been successful in trapping all of us in the mind-set of our religious ancestors, just as the Jews were and still trapped in the mindset of the Judaism. Jesus has set us free from the Judaism of the Pre-Testament and the religious Judaism of the Post-Testament.

According ti the scriptures "God was in Christ reconciling the people of the world unto Himself, not holding them accountable for their sin, and has freed ALL mankind from the guild of sin. God sees us through Christ and does not condemn us for our human failures and actions. God dos not look at our human identity, He knows that is not truly who we are, it is not who He created us to be and that is not who we are going to be in the future! The more we forsake religion and depend on the "Spirit of Truth" the more of Christ will be seen and the slate of our human failures will be wiped clean and people will see the Love, Mercy and Compassion of God in action!


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