Bible Abuse.

Are people justified in using the Bible as the catalyst for bizarre believing, fear-mongering speaking and pious acting? Is such an extravaganza a carry-over of man's reasoning, when the Bible was interpreted to support orthodoxy and keeping the established man-ordained interpretations of pre-Lutheran theology, regarding manipulation and control of the masses by threats and curses from God "Himself", if they failed to abide by orthodox teachings?

The Bible for centuries was available only in the Latin language, read and interpreted by the trained Latin linguistically learned, who could easily manipulate the meaning of what was read to the people by their private interpretation of the dead language...due to the fact that the "common people" under their influence, knew not how to read the dead language, let alone, interpret it.

"In 382 the pope, Damasus, commissions Jerome to provide a definitive Latin version. In his monastery at Bethlehem, tended by aristocratic virgins, the saint produces the Vulgate. This eventually becomes established as the Bible of the whole western church until the Reformation." Source:

Could the reason the Bible was translated and produced in that it could only be read and interpreted by the trained Latin linguistic, and aid in the manipulation and control of the masses under the  linguist's respected influence?

With the advent of Martin Luther's disagreement with the Latin  linguist's interpretations...the realization by other diabolical dedicated manipulating controllers, that differed with the some of interpretations of dead language Latin linguists...was the realization that they could still have trained seminarian Bible experts, manipulate and control people by conveniently making the  English language as evasive, by man-manipulated interpretations as the dead language of Latin is, thus, making the Bible UN-understandable by the strangling of words and contextual twisting, leading to the same mass  controlling man-ordained interpretations that the learned linguistics of the dead language of Latin proposed. Yes, the Bible could now be read by the "common folk" making the deception more manipulative and devious because the deception was taking place by the Bible being interpreted to formulate what was already believed, and the readers were convinced they were adhering to the truth of the Bible?

The thing about abusing Bible interpretation by the linguist's use of the English language, is the not knowing, or deliberately hiding the true meaning of the words in their historical, environmental and contextual setting.  Has this not led to a more confusing befuddlement regarding the twisting of Bible truth, than when it was befuddled by the private interpretations and twisting of the Latin trained linguistic linguist?

The unscrupulous abuse and misuse of the Bible by people today, is matter the error of their believing, speaking and acting, they  stop seeing themselves as responsible and blameworthy for what they believe, speak and how they act...shifting the responsibility and blame to God while claiming themselves to be piously godly because of manipulating scripture to support what they believe, speak and act, no matter how contrary it is to the life and teaching of Christ!

Thus...we are shackled with a Bible that has never been more abused, misused, misread, misinterpreted, misquoted, and due to canonization, never more Deified than it is today...resulting in the fact, we are still living in a prison house of fear because of man-influenced and man-ordained interpretations of the Bible, considered to be TRUTH.

And as we all know...FEAR IS ONE "HELL" OF A PRISON HOUSE!

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