Does Satan really Win in the End?

A large part of Christendom believes there is a great Cosmic Conflict taking place between God and the Devil for the souls of men...and the ironic of all ironics is they believe that God looses and Satan wins in the end! A vast number of  "Christ Followers" who have prayed the "sinners prayer" believe, preach and teach this ungodly doctrine, all the while believing they are promoting the the Gospel of Christ!

Let me ask you a question. Do you think that when all is said and done that Satan will have more of God's crowning glory of His creation (people) in the "fires of hell's" torture chamber than God has in His kingdom?

Follow the scenario...If I were to create a thousand people because I want people to love, and you were my enemy and able to infiltrate into by beloved group and entice 900 of the 1,000 to turn against me and follow you. Who would be the victor in this case? You would be...because not only do you have have the vast majority of people with have most of the people with you and you didn't even create any of them. I created them; they were mine, now most of them are yours, you are clearly the victor.

Do you think that God is going to have less of His beloved creation with Him in the end, than His enemy Satan will have with him?

Does man’s “free will” or even Satan’s will trump God’s will in the end? If you believe that billions on top of billions of people are headed toward everlasting separation from God in a fiery pit of hell, perhaps most of them out of ignorance, or because of their  bad or misinformed choices, or because Satan successfully deceived them, you essentially believe that Satan wins and God loses.

A thousand, million, billion, trillion, zillion times NO!

The argument for God assigning the vast majority of His beloved creation to hell is...God’s justice causes Him to throw people into a hell of eternal torture. If this were true, then it would be the most sadistic and cruelest type of terrorizing justice that one could ever imagine. What type of justice would it be for an all-knowing, all powerful, all-loving God who knows the end from the beginning, and foreknew that man would sin, then have the audacity to proceed to create multiple billions of people in His own image, who would be sentenced to a punishment of suffering in the unimaginable torture chambers of hell fire by Him eternally, for sins He knew they would commit in the few years of their temporary existence in this life?
This hellish doctrine teaches that the world is nothing more than a Cosmic Conflict war zone, and in the end, God looses and allows the vast majority of His beloved children to be overtaken by unstoppable, unpreventable, and more powerful evil. 

If I believe such that would constitute me not believing in an "all knowing, "everywhere present" "all powerful" God! Why because a God who is "all knowing, "everywhere present" and "all powerful"...CANNOT and WILL NOT be DEFEATED! If He could be defeated, I must also admit that He knew most of His children are nothing more than throwaways when He created them. 

Does this sound like the traits of  our loving Father God...who is LOVE and the character that Jesus reveals of Him?

Does the Bible teach that God is stoppable regarding what He wills done? Does it teach that He is the looses that multitudes teach He is?

Job says: God stands alone, does whatever He pleases, no one can ultimately oppose Him, and no plan of His can be thwarted or foiled (Job 23:13; 42:2).

David says: The Lord does what pleases Him, His plans stand through all generations (Ps. 33:10–11; 135:6).

Solomon says: He works out everything for His own ends, determines the steps and destiny of man, directs the hearts of rulers, and all His purposes prevail (Pr. 16:4, 9, 33; 19:21; 21:1).

Daniel says: He does as He pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth (Dan. 4:35).
God says...

Jeremiah says: I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for me” (Jer. 32:27)?

Isaiah says: “I have sworn by Myself, the word has gone forth from My mouth in righteousness and will not turn back, that to Me every knee will bow, every tongue will swear allegiance” (Is. 45:23).

“Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand” (Is. 14:24).

“So is My Word that goes out of my mouth: It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire, and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Is. 55:11).

“My purpose will be established, and I will accomplish all my good pleasure...I have planned it, surely I will do it” (Is. 46:10–11).

These verses teach that: God wills for most of His children to suffer eternal loss...or...God wills for them to be brought back and reconciled to Himself. Either way, it is clear that God's prevails!

So then...what exactly is it that God wills?

For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time (1 Tim. 2:3–6).

If it’s all true, that God wills all people to be saved, Jesus actually gave Himself for "ALL" men...not just in theory...then, hell is nothing more than a myth of men. 

Isn't it  time to believe the truth about the character and heart of a Father who is not only the definition of love...but...IS LOVE HIMSELF?


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