In Standing for a "Christian Cause"...Who...Are you Standing Against?

Many "christians" are willing to defend Jesus by taking a stand for "christian causes" by the waving of placards, boycotting business that are against the cause or supporting a business that is for the cause, screaming and condemning the offenders..." you are on a slippery slope to hell if you don't repent", some have even killed in the defense of the "christian cause"

When they hurled their insults at Jesus, He did not retaliate; when He suffered, He made no threats. When they spit in His face He did not rally the troops, Instead, He entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly. (1 Peter 2:2)

When Jesus traveled the Calvary road, when He suffered the tearing of His flesh from His bones by the cat-of-nine tails, when they jammed the crown of thorns on His head, when they drove the spikes into His arms and feet, He never once asked His followers to defend Him. I am assuming if He did not need defending then He does not need defending today. Yet so many believe that by defending doctrine, defending religion, defending the faith, defending "christian causes" standing against what is believed to be unbilical is defending Jesus and His Gospel.

I am willing to declare without fear of contradiction from Him, that He WOULD RATHER WE FOLLOW HIM RATHER THAN DEFEND HIM!

The community of the redeemed is not under the threat of terrorism or an hostile takeover. God is not looking for a CTU of the spiritual elite to enforce doctrinal truth. We are not the first Christ followers to face tough theological or moral questions that seems to almost suffocate the teachings of Jesus, neither will we be the last. Jesus was not, nor is not and never will be defeat-able!

Yes, we as members of the Community of the Redeemed should live and teach by example the principles of the kingdom. We should live lives that are honoring to God, but the reality is, Jesus the fully human and fully Divine Savior of the world does not need our defending of Him, He will survive and thrive despite any secular or religious debate or debauchery, without the puny efforts of the religious self-righteous who attempt to stand for "christian causes" that accomplishes little to nothing for His kingdom.

People that humbly follow Jesus by loving each other and serving others has flourished and multiplied, while those who felt the need to perpetually protest are more often than not swept away by public cynicism because of the better-than-thou attitude portrayed.

We have the same choice today to choose to love people and serve them. It was the radical new way of living that Jesus showed us on that bloody cross. He could have called for an angelic rescue mission but, He didn't.

Instead, Jesus joined us in our sufferings, gave up His life, and allowed the same Holy Spirit that is at work in us today to bring Him from the grave. This story will be told for all time. When Jesus ascended a short time later, He established a kingdom that has no end and inaugurated His Community of the Redeemed that was built on an immovable rock.

He needs no defense but He desires believing followers who will live as He lived, understand people as He understood, feel as He felt, give their lives for others as He gave His, serve as He served and die to self as He died to self and LOVE as He LOVED.

Jesus is the GREAT DEFENDER of me, He needs not my defending of Him.

 If you are going to take a STAND,

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