The Sin of Silence?

I have been ask as to why believe about religion the way I do...why not just leave it are not going to influence people in religion for change...what are you accomplishing by your ranting about religion, after all, religion is doing some good, isn't it?

To SIT UP...SHUT UP...PUT as not to expose the deceptions underlying the establishment, (even with the amount of cultural and social good it does) that is presented and accepted as truth is, I believe, a moral and spiritual abandonment of our loving Father God and the truth of His Gospel.

For me to SIT UP, SHUT UP, PUT UP  and flow with the religious tide (in my way of thinking) I would be guilty of committing the sin of remaining silent and contributing to the old adage that “silence gives consent”. That of course requires me to acknowledge and lay aside the conclusion by many who agree with the establishment in their believing
...that my believing and rationale way of thinking is totally screwed up.
Remaining silent fails to let people know that there is freedom from the bondage of the establishment and its befuddlement of the gospel of Grace. For me, that would be a withdrawal from the freedom that Christ has given me to express my concern regarding the deception that the people within religion are under, no matter if people believe it or not. My critiquing is of the system...not of the people in the system who are influenced by the deception!

It seems that spiritual “discernment” within religion is lacking where there is little discernment of truth from error when it comes to the practices, rituals, ceremonies, and the rules and regulations imposed by the befuddled hierarchical establishment structure.

The good news of the Gospel is the Grace message of Jesus Christ and that His sacrifice for the redemption of ALL mankind was fully sufficient and without lack and benefits ALL people.

The sin of remaining silent aids the bondage of religion in its hindering of the work of God’s Amazing Grace in the lives of people.

Is it pleasing to God for me to SIT UP, SHUT UP, PUT UP and say nothing against the present evils, accepted by the religious environment that proclaims His name, in trying to win at the game they play?

Am I to remain silent because I should fear the reaction and condemnation from religious establishment that  such  a critique as mine is sure to generate.

There is an axiom that "silence gives consent." This is true in the case of believers who refuse to openly and audibly denounce evil within religion. In the Bible, we read that at the stoning of Stephen, Paul, as a young man, "was consenting unto his death" (Acts 8:1). But how did he consent to that cruel injustice? We are told that those who stoned Stephen "laid down their clothes at a young man's feet, whose name was Saul, who became Paul." It seems that Saul never said a word at Stephen's execution; still, he was as guilty of that crime against Christ as any who threw a stone.

Are we so deluded that we fail to see the danger in making no utterance against such wrong? By not speaking out, would someone who may be burdened under the bondage of religion remain in bondage all because we committed the sin of silence?

God does not communicate truth for it to be muffled by the loudness of silence, nor concealed in the cloak of religion, but to be passed on to others. Can you imagine Paul not sharing the gospel of Grace because of fear of the religion pharisees of his day? Think what it would have meant, had the disciples kept quiet about the resurrection of Christ. But when Peter and John were commanded by the rulers of the Jews not to speak any more about Jesus, they said, "We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard" (Acts 4:20). I cannot help but speak of the freedom that is available in Christ for those that are bound by the religious establishment.

There were many who silently lined the streets of Jerusalem, watching Jesus struggle under the burden of the cross. Though the blood was streaming down His face, though strips of skin was torn from His back by the whip, Though a great injustice was being done yet they did not speak out against it. Think how few rose up to help Him, and ask yourself this question, "What would I have done, had I been there?" We can only answer that question by answering this one: "What am I doing about it now?" I have determined not to believe that Christ’s all-sufficient sacrifice to be Grace plus religious rule-keeping, of which there are many, rather than Grace alone, because of an habitual disinclination to speak out against wrong within the status-quo. 

People, we have the priceless privilege of sharing about Jesus and His Grace let us not allow the system that purports to preach the Gospel, to befuddle the Grace by which Jesus has made us free.

I will reiterate again...please do not take my thoughts on the religious system as applying to the people within the system, they are definitely not. There are many people in the system that love God and if you are able to be free to be yourself and free to the degree wherewith Christ makes us free then rejoice in that freedom.

On the other hand, if you are feeling bound, frustrated, burdened and controlled by the system, there is a freedom that Christ offers that sets you free from such bondage!

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