Scriptures to the Witness of God being the Father of ALL, and Jesus being the Savior of ALL. Part 3

Part 3

Grace is wondrously amazing, and is the Good-News Gospel, yet, it is completely disagreeable to the grace-plusers and the grace-butters in the religious system, especially when we emphasize that it ensures that ALL of God's loved creation will benefit from the grace-cross-work of Christ.  Grace is the Love which covers a multitude of sins.  It does not diminish God's  abhorrence of sin, it just takes the finished cross-work of Jesus and applies it once-and-for-all to people's sins...past...present...and future.  Then Grace abundantly pours out forgiveness, kindness, acceptance and love without regard for one's performance...saint or sinner.

When people err in sin...or are deluded by false doctrine...God's dislike of these things are not lessened.  But neither is His love and grace lessened for the people that are involved in these things and He does not forsake them. The problem is, people believe that way due to man-made religious beliefs and misinterpretation of the scriptures.

These man-made beliefs allow the religionists to read or preach from 1 Corinthians or Colossians, with all its problems and struggles with false doctrine and sin, and somehow separate themselves from it, acting and believing as if they are sinless.  In other words, the Grace of God was abundant toward people in these cities who believed outrageously erroneous things, but God's grace doesn't work that way for people today...or so we are told.  In the religious performance system, one must be doctrinal sound and involved in the do's and dont's of the religious order, in order experience God's Grace and Love, which basically makes grace and love a reward for fighting for what they believe to be correct doctrine and good behavior which is directly opposite to what the Gospel of God's Grace is.

Unfortunately allowance for God's Grace is not a tone on the religious wave length of the harmonic scale.  It merely focuses on the sins, failures, heresies and aberrations of people, and calls for a stand against it with judgement and condemnation and the warning of hell fire.

Jesus and Paul stood against sin, false doctrine, heresy, and aberration while simultaneously loving the sinning people instead of judging and condemning them as being outside of God's Grace and Love. God's Holy Spirit does not withhold His grace-gifts or love-gifts when His loved people sin, because His gifts are based on grace and love, and not on the performance of do's and dont's.

Somehow we still continue to think that a person's lifestyle of sin de-legitimizes any claim to God's Grace and Love.  We continue to think that if a person is in sin or believes something erroneous to what the traditional belief is...God forsakes and turns His back on them and as such they are on slippery slope to an eternal hell.

If we are going to take a stand against sin we need to be extremely careful we do not take a stand against people...THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO! Also "there is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is death." I maintain that greater sin to God is the committers  that are committed to this way believing it is the "narrow-way that leads to righteousness"...and...these people are not who the committers of this way call "sinners.'

Remember, God's Grace and Love is AMAZING enough to transform the way you think about and view other people who disagrees with you regarding your beliefs.

The Gospel Goal...for the escaping of the tribulation and the escaping of hell to gain heaven.

I grew up hearing that the Gospel is "Good News"...however...the "Good News" was always overshadowed by "Bad News"! My response, as well as many people of my era, to the Gospel was initiated by fear of God and the hell He would send us to...not the love of God nor His goodness.

It seemed that the crux of the Gospel was not the Grace of God and the freedom it brings, rather the Gospel was based on the fear of God and the hell it brings!

The fear of hell and damnation scared the living daylights out of people, caused children to have nightmares and anxieties that lead to un-healthy stress,  and because of the manipulative, controlling tactics, the judgement and condemnation of the preacher and one's thinking that the preacher was the mouth piece of God speaking the truth of God, one accepted fear-mongering tactics as the Gospel.

The religious institutions were right in calling the Gospel "Good News" but, my learning about Jesus as a thinking believer rather than accepting what I was taught by a denominated seminarian...even though they had the part right in that the Gospel was Good News...but the reasons they gave for its Good News rightness was wrong!

Yes...the Gospel is Good News...AMAZINGLY GOOD NEWS...and...there is NO BAD NEWS associated with it! Jesus came with an announcement from heaven that He came to bring GOOD NEWS...and I would add...NOTHING but GOOD NEWS for ALL of MANKIND!

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