Man's ways or thoughts or ways cannot adequately define God!

Glenn's sayings;

Man's ways or thoughts or ways  cannot adequately define God!

God is beyond man's finite ability to form a complete understanding of. There is no human language, English, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew or any other that can communicate the absolute truth about God! If we do give what we think are absolutes about God, we are creating idols and when people accept our explanations about God as truth...we set up idols that people worship and we cause them to become idolaters.

God is far beyond any human language to comprehend. Man's finite explanations that we think and speak and write to try to communicate ultimate reality of God are only symbols, not reality in themselves. These symbols are limited to our human reasoning, understanding and our earthly fabrication of things we are familiar with. The reality as to who the infinite God is cannot fit into man's finite understanding.

Our conception of God is understood through things of earth that we already know and project upon him? We cannot conceptualize outside of our own familiar concepts therefore, we apply those concepts to God. The explanations we tell each other about God are not God, they are only pictures to keep us wondering and growing.

Man's theology, the bible record, and our preconceived ideas about God are not TRUTH, they should point ud towards the TRUTH...Jesus.

The only things we can know about God that we can say is absolute is what is revealed to us by Jesus...His express image...neither the prophets of old, the prophets of new, man's interpretation of the writers who penned the scriptures and the writers who translated the scriptures into English and other languages...Jesus is the ONLY express image of God, the only absolutes of God are revealed through Him.

His view of God is LOVE...GOD IS LOVE...LOVE IS IN YOU...God is in you!

All other views are painted word pictures by sainted men, that more often than not are tainted because they only see through the "glass darkly" of religious traditional spectacles!


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