The Bible says it...I believe it...That settles it.

Glenn's sayings;

If the Bible says it, I believe it and that settles it. This claim is conducive to saying "my belief is the right belief because my interpretation of the text is correct". This is a lie by all who claim it.

I am not saying, they don't think they “just believe the Bible", because they really think they do "just believe the Bible”, but this kind of thinking is the greatest contributing factor to one's failure to see all the areas where they could be wrong about what the Bible really says.

People who say they just believe the Bible may be the most dangerous people to be schooled by as to the true teaching of the Bible because they are blind to to its truth due to the environment that has influenced their understanding of the Bible. They interpret the Bible in light of what they already believe.

Believe it or not, “The Bible says it; I believe it; that settles NOT a Bible truth!

You may hear some people say, “If the plain sense of the Bible makes sense, all other sense is nonsense.” But again, there is no such thing as the “plain sense” of the Bible, for what may seem “plain sense” to one, completely contradicts what makes “plain sense" to another.

When someone's explanation of a Bible text is different than our own, we take a defensive position by saying, “Well, that’s wrong because they are importing their own human interpretation into the text rather than letting the text speak for itself the way I do.”

Don’t fall into the egoistical trap of always believing you are right and they are wrong.

Disagree with the other person if you want to, but recognize that they are trying to understand and explain the text just as much as you are, and that just as you want them to listen to how you arrived at your conclusions regarding the text, so also, that other person likely engaged in deep study of the Biblical text to arrive at their understanding and it would benefit you to hear how they came to their understanding.

Listen to learn instead of listening to respond. In this way, both  can learn from each other and challenge each other to understand the text at a deeper level.

No matter what beliefs you believe about the meaning of a biblical text, never cement your beliefs in stone, hold onto all your beliefs lightly, hold them humbly. Recognize that you always have more to learn, that you have never “arrived,” and that God may just want to reveal an incorrect belief of yours by bringing this other person into your life with whom you (currently) disagree.


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