God being protrayed as a WOMAN...BLASPHEMY???

Glenn's sayings;
I find it somewhat ironical laughable when people believe, without any offense taken on their part to their pious sanctimonious self, that God showed up as a talking ASS... and a female ASS at that...but throw a panic fit at the suggestion of God could show up having human feminine qualities, even though it is the same Bible that records God showing up talking through a female ASS shows that God has feminine qualities!

Why is it the religionists have no issue with God taking on the form of a female ASS which He did not create in His image, but go absolutely berserk and call people a heretic teaching doctrines of demons, who suggest that God can take on the form of a human female...whom He did create in His image?

Well...as one person told me and I quote..."I don't believe in 'common sense', I believe in 'bible sense.'"

I question if the above thinking makes any Bible sense.

God is not a BURNING bush, God is not a Fleece, God is not a bright light that He spoke to Saul through, God is NOT an Ass...Neither is God a MAN or a WOMAN! God chooses the form He wishes to speak through.

Again...God is a father to the fatherless, a mother to the motherless, a sister to the sister-less, a brother to the brother-less, a husband to the husband-less and a wife to the wifeless. How can this be you ask...God's ways are FAR ABOVE humanities ability to understand and is neither male or female.

God is the great I AM...What ever instrument God wants to manifest through does not make God the instrument used! God is SPIRIT and does NOT a a bodily FORM not mater the FORM God speaks through!

That makes me very comfortable...because if God, whom people say speaks through them...speaks the way they do, judges the way they do, condemns the way they do, calls people derogatory names the way they do...it is no wonder the gospel they preach is doing very little to show the people of the world God's kingdom on earth.

I wonder, Are they ever going to think for themselves rather that regurgitating the religious gurus of the world...maybe if they believed in the "common sense" that God gave them rather that the "Bible sense" they believe their idols teach, they would see the truth about God and the Gospel.
By the way...why is it they don't get up in arms about the movie portrayal of Jesus as a blue-eyed, blond guy when He was not, He is not even white? Why doesn't that set their self-righteous indignation feathers in a fluffle?

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