Religious Denominated Bible Study!

Glenn's sayings;

 A number of years ago I moved away from a denominated critique way of Bible study, where I studied the Bible from the point of trying to validity to what I was taught to believe, to a more objective critique of Bible study to where I allowed the Bible, as seen through the lens of Jesus, to formulate what I believe. That technique led to a radical change in some of my beliefs.

The change was, not then, nor is now to disparage people caught up in the myriad of denominated beliefs under the broad banner of Religion; rather, my verbalization of my  change was in the hope that some people would feel free enough to lay aside...if they so desired...preconceived ideologies of traditional belief systems, God, the cross-work of Christ and the Gospel so they could think and reason for themselves, uninfluenced by man-made doctrines and traditions and to come to conclusions based on their God given ability to reason and hear the Spirit of Truth for themselves regarding the work and life of Christ...the express image of God...who came to show us His Loving Father God.

It is my opinion that human brainwashing, unbeknown to those being brainwashed, and even some of the people doing the brainwashing, starts from a early age to satisfy our parent’s ideologies, religious mismanagement, cultural normality, religious systems, Sunday school teacher's stories,  preacher's sermons, and chosen beliefs of the denominated group we were born into.  When we grow up in a denominated environment, it is natural to accept the doctrine of the environment we were raised in as valid even though it may not be.

The more I questioned what I was suppose to believe to satisfy a denominated agenda, the more the view of God, Jesus, the Gospel and what I was taught was Bible truth faded away in the dust as man-made fables. I concluded that blind belief based on family or religious tradition or because it came from a denominated seminarian was not a logical reason to espouse my preconceived beliefs as "the God's truth." Why?...Because most of them did not line up with the person and teaching of Jesus and what I sensed the Spirit of Truth within me, was trying to teach me.

Now if you are not ready for such an abandonment of religious beliefs and are adamant that you have not been subject to brainwashing and are still comfortable with what you believe with respect to who God is and what He is about and are spiritually satisfied in your denominated religious environment...then simply treat the musing of my conclusions as the delusions of a deranged feeble minded old man, without assigning me to the torture of hell's flames of course. But...if you are sensing a spiritual dissatisfaction and dryness that is further heightened by the antics of your religious affiliation, maybe the Spirit of God is trying to reveal something to you. May be it is time to study to show "yourself" approved unto God and stop trying to be approved by man.

You don't have to be intimidated by the religious elite to agree with denominated faithful to the Spirit of Truth, God's appointed, anointed Teacher.


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