The Greatest Show on Earth.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you 'God's man for the hour', a man of renown reputation and spiritual insight, a man favored by God to bring His message to the world...give a great welcome to Pa-star.......!

The greatest show on earth is not contained in circus tents.
The greatest deception on earth is not the magician's illusions nor the palm reader's readings.
The greatest manipulators and deceivers are not found in the parliaments buildings of the world.
The greatest con-artists and extortionists are not behind prison bars..
The greatest hindrance to the Gospel of Christ are not the beer taverns or cursing  sinners.
The greatest whore-mongers are not found in whore houses...The greatest liars are not lawyers.
The greatest celebrities are not movie stars...The greatest tax evaders are not the working class.
The greatest thieves are not found robbing banks.
The greatest haters are not racists or white supremacists.

The greatest show on earth where all of the above takes place is in "some" of the denominated buildings called "Churches", where SUNDAY SHOW performances are put off by manipulating charlatans maintaining that such actions are of God and the masses are deceived into believing such because the name of God is attached to the performance!

The main reason that the Sunday Show performances take place is the in-gathering of tithes and offerings, because that is what determines the success of personal ministry's and denominations.

Let the tithes and offerings dry up and there would be no Sunday Show performers and an exodus of the celebrity Pa-Stars. The denominational performance buildings would CLOSE its doors as fast as you can say "abracadabra". That action alone should be enough to convince us that participation in the  performance gospel within denominated buildings called Churches, is not the Church of Jesus Christ in action. Jesus said that even "the power of death" can't stand against His Church let alone lack of money killing it.

The "show" is sugarcoated with the christianized language and christianized actions laced with the name of Christ and Bible infusion, but if you were to strip away the tithes, offerings, and salaries, how many true servants of God would remain?  Possibly a small remnant.

A lot of people sense something is terribly wrong with the theatrics with the performance gospel presentation that is so widely accepted as of God. But they feel there is nowhere to turn because that is what has been programmed into them and that is all they know, and as long as they give themselves over to such deceptions and denominated man-made doctrines and traditions, that is all they will know!

Is it not time to stop financing the SUNDAY SHOW THEATRICS PERFORMANCE, let it die, for as long as it is alive the people remaining in its deception will not find the vibrant relationship with their loving Father and brothers and sisters in Christ that is theirs, nor will they fully understand God or His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and AMAZING GRACE.

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