Walls of Separation.

 Glenn's sayings;

Walls of Separation.

The religious system has made by-laws, constitutions, creeds, rules, regulations and established denominated corrals to segregate like-minded people from different like-minded people to control and define who they are and who is “in” the a specific corral and who is “outa” a specific corral.

Nowhere in the "Christian Holy Book" that is claimed to be the authority where these different corralled people get their beliefs, is such a thing mentioned let alone sanctioned by Jesus. In fact, the only people with whom Jesus, on a regular basis, took issue with were the elite self-righteous religious people who saw themselves as having all their doctrinal-ducks in a row regarding their theology and doxology and had ticked all the right boxes on the membership forms, while consistently ruling unlike-minded people...with different beliefs than their corral belief system...as outside of God’s love and favour.

It is these very man-made stipulations and associated score-keeping that imprisons people behind invisible bars of religion, robing them of their freedom in Christ. Jesus was all about freedom. This was and is in stark contrast to our deep-seated propensity to make rules for everything, whether implicitly or explicitly and making those man-made controlling stipulations to determine who is in and who is out of a particular like-minded-corralled group.

When we make the Bible a rule book sanctioned by God to benefit our own like-minded theology it becomes a religious weapon to whip people in line and keep unlike-minded people out and is abusing and misusing the intent of the book. We turn “If you want to thrive and flourish, this is what you do”...into...“If you don’t do this, you offend God and are condemned to eternal damnation”.

The Apostle Paul tells us that God was in Christ reconciling the people of world to himself. Not a remnant or a few, but ALL. In other words, he was erasing whatever sin-barrier that existed between God and man.

Which means...whatever walls of separation and segregation still exist are there because man has erected them, and not God or godly!

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