A Gospel that is not The Gospel.

Glenn's sayings;

In my earthly journey as a denominated believer I have struggled with questions regarding the gospel that I was presented by christian denominations, including the one I was brought up to believe was the right one. The longer I traveled along my journey within my denominated corral the more I realized I was deceived by religion, imprisoned by religious spiritually, in bondage to man-made doctrines, clouded in my mind and blinded by religious spectacles.

For a long time I tried to make sense of the religious system I was in by giving my thinking and reasoning ability over to the denominated seminarian professionals regarding God, Jesus and the gospel. The more I tried to understand the more unanswered questions I had.

The qualities that were attributed to God, Christ and the Gospel were shaken because of the atrocity that the vast majority of people created by God  for His good pleasure were to be condemned and sentenced to suffer in the torture chamber of hell fire for eternity by God. I could not reconcile a God who is LOVE, whose LOVE never fails, failing to love the loved people He created and assign to this place of eternal torment while the sinner-prayed chosen few would be swooped up in a secret rapture to remove us from the anger and wrath of God, so He could pour it out on the non sinner-prayed people and give them a foretaste of His anger and wrath and the depth of hatred before sending them to the torture chamber of hell for eternity.

My breakthrough came when I had the courage to rethink and reason for myself...not only the hell doctrine...but everything I was taught and held as truth by the religious system and reassess my entire belief system from the ground up. I rescinded the notion that the Gospel solution to sin and violence was to call a few people to stare at the sky awaiting for it to split asunder and Jesus would appear to take the chosen few out of the way so God could stop loving people and reveal His violent deviate nature by heaping on them the wrath of His anger and hatred.

I concluded that if the Gospel I believed did not represent a God who is LOVE, graceful and merciful, if I could not reason that God is LOVE because of the dissonance being created by the clashing of what I was taught believe about God and and my own reasoning God-beliefs to bring the atmosphere of heaven to earth in the Here-and-Now instead of the When-and-Then, (when you repeat the "sinners prayer" then you are ready for heaven) it was not worth my holding onto.

My view of God and His Gospel I discovered through the lens of Jesus...His express image...who had been mutated over the years I was in religion, and was nothing like the man recorded in the Bible. God did not fail me, His love, mercy and grace did not fail me, what happened was the truth about God was buried under layers of the fear-mongering tradition of an hell fired eternity, religious man-made doctrine of Christendom that had Him encased in a cocoon of religiosity that veiled the truth as to who God is.

The Gospel of Grace is not the religious escapism gospel mentality of rewards for the sinners-prayer-repeating-prayed-saints or reprisals for the non-sinner-prayer-prayed-sinners of suffering in the torture chamber of hell's flames for eternity. The Grace Gospel speaks directly to what is wrong with the escapism-mentality gospel which is not taught in scripture. Grace invites ALL people to a new way of living and being during our earthly journey.

This is the Gospel of Love and Grace, the Gospel of Reconciliation that the people of the world need to hear.


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