God's Plan for the Community of Humanity.

I question that within Christendom if the understanding regarding the plan of God for humanity is too short-sited, narrow-minded and limited?

I think most people within Christendom agrees with the view that Jesus Christ is central to God's plan for the human race. However, the religious world is under the illusion that along with Jesus Christ, religion is also a big part of God's plan, and without the religious system the plan of God for humanity would fall apart because of the belief that religion is the mechanism God has chosen to make Himself known to man. But that kind of thinking is an delusional delusion of the religious illusionists, for God's plan for humanity needs no human effort to fulfill it, therefore, no human effort will default it. God initiated His plan for humanity without human participation and will bring His plan to fruition despite man's rebellious religious intervention.

Along with the belief that religion has a part to play is the idea that God's plan is limited if not thwarted by man's "freewill" as to whether or not he is cooperative with God's plan or not. Though Jesus has died and risen again to secure salvation for every human being, they see see God as trying His best through human instrumentality to right the wrong that has been caused by sin. Is man's "freewill" so powerful that it can stop God's plan for humanity if man will's not to participate? Does man's "freewill" have that kind of power?
There is a compelling problem that causes me to question the validity of that way of thinking. According to the creation concept as to the beginning of humanity, man has been on the scene for some 6000 plus years. Thus far the vast majority of mankind has lived and died under the influence of sin that has affected mankind ever since its entrance in the earth through Adam.

A perplexing question, at least for me is: what about the millions who have died, and are the multitudes that are still dying without ever hearing the gospel or about Jesus, are they condemned sinners who have gone to hell? If so, was that a part of God's designed plan for humanity?

If all humanoids are born sinners because of original sin and all sinners go to hell, then it follows that all people who die without accepting salvation go to hell?

Does that mean that the multiplied millions who have died without the privilege of a book called the bible because no copies are written in their language or they do not even have a written language, or who have never had to opportunity to hear about Jesus, are in hell? Does it mean that the millions alive who are in the same boat today, go to hell when they die?

Does it mean that all babies...who, if the religious consensus is correct are born in sin, thus they are sinners...and die while a baby are condemned sinners and go to hell?

Are people sinners because of original sin as the orthodox traditional understanding would have us believe? Or, have we missed something because of our acceptance of the traditional belief system has allowed a cloud of distortion fogging our understanding of the scriptures when it comes to God's master plan for humanity?

The fact that all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God is not in question, the question is, is man born a sinner?

Is it possible that the Grace Gospel "ONLY", is misunderstood by the Grace plus Law Gospel people, thus, that hold to a faulty understanding of sin and sinners because of failing to understand the finished work of Christ on the cross. Why do humanity stand condemned as sinners in the sight of God? Are we sinners because we were born with fallen natures in a sinful world, or are we sinners because we have chosen to exercise our fallen natures in a rebellious way by not accepting God's free gift of salvation provided by His Grace? Depending on which doctrine you believe, two quite different gospels are are taught. The meanings of justification, the new birth, and sanctification are different depending on the gospel proclaimed. Differing understandings are held about our relationship with God while we are involved in personal sins and about whether we can have victory over sin in general.

The belief that human beings are condemned lost sinners because we are born with fallen natures in a sinful world is the standard orthodox belief regarding sin in humanity. Is there a bigger picture with evidence to support something other than the orthodox traditional belief that orthodoxy has been blind to because of seeing through tunnel visioned, religiously clouded spectacles?

I am sure many of you judgmental, condemning sharp-shooters have your pop-gun mouth loaded to shoot Psalm 51:5 as a proof text to disarm my questioning of the subject. It reads "Behold, I was shaped in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me."

Does that verse tell us that David was born a sinner? Some Bible versions actually say that he was, but could that be a theological interpretation without contextual translational understanding?

Think about it, was there another way David could have been born besides in sin and iniquity? His parents were sinners. David was born into a sinful world to sinful parents but, does that make Him a sinner? If a baby is born into a family of criminals, where criminal activity is practiced and taught by his parents, he would be born into a criminality environment, but would this in itself make him a a criminal? Association does not necessarily mean you are as the people with whom you associate, Christ was known to keep company with sinners, prostitutes and thieving tax collectors, but that did not make Him one. Does being born in sin automatically constitute one being a condemned sinner. It does mean that one's circumstances from birth are extremely undesirable, and that one is most likely to end up a sinner, as being born into a criminal environment one would most likely become a criminal. But does that make one a sinner at birth?

Is the whole picture seen with clarity? Or is it the result of seeing through a glass darkly? Do we need to remove shaded orthodox spectacles to see more clearly before coming to final conclusions by believing babies are born condemned sinners and grow up to be condemned sinners?

This mentality is spawned by concluding that though Jesus said "it is finished" He could not have really meant it because they now see themselves has mandated to convert the world to Christ. Because of this way of thinking many in their ignorance misunderstand God because they evaluate and understand Him by His, as they understand it, unfinished work. While seeing through shaded religious spectacles the finished work of Christ is not able to be clearly viewed or understood, but one day when the blindness and deception of religion is lifted His finished work will be seen clearly and prove to be in harmony with His amazing righteous character and the fulfilling of His plan for humanity.

God's plan and purpose for humanity will be accomplished independent of the doings of man because His plan does not hinge on man's involvement it its completion, its completion is in Jesus and is already completed through Jesus. Man fails to understand this and therefore is working to work God's plan and he feels justified in doing so. Man should be in tune with the Spirit so he can harmonize with God's plan rather than trying to work His plan.

The Lord has left no doubt about the fulfillment and WHO will fulfill His plan: "The Lord of hosts has sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand." "The Lord of hosts has purposed, and who shall dis-annul it?" "I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me... My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure ... Yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it" (Isa. 14:24-27; 46:9-11). Therefore, however haphazard or mysterious God's dealings with men may appear, those who believe this testimony of His Word must acknowledge that His original and unalterable plan has been, and still is, progressing systematically to completion. The "restoration of all things" will come to fruition and Jesus Himself will be the Frutioner.

No plan ordained by God from the beginning will fail to come to fruition or be thwarted by the efforts of devil or man. It is time for believers to realize the truth that it is "From Him everything comes, by Him everything exists, and in Him everything ends!" (Rom. 11:36).

Is God a God who CHANGES His mind, a God who in the beginning did start out to formulate and implement a plan that would culminate with a glorious conclusion of the good news He brought to man, but somewhere along the way lost control of the situation and has now given up in despair and is going to torch most of His creation for eternity?

We should be aware of the fact that the Bible is not an irrational nonsensical book that teaches nonsense. It does not teach that God breaks our bones when we sin (Psalm 51:8). It does not teach that broken bones rejoice (Psalm 51:8). It does not teach that our sins are purged with hyssop (Psalm 51:7). It does not teach that babies speak and tell lies as soon as they are born (Psalm 58:3). It does not teach that men go back into their mother's womb (Job 1:21). And it does not teach that the makeup of human beings is sinful as a result of being born condemned sinners (Psalm 51:5). These are all figurative expressions, and to interpret them as being literal, is to teach nonsense and is contrary to the contextual setting of the scriptures as well as the reality of how God made us. The bible is not a book that should be used to prove "man made" doctrines. It is a book that when understood and interpreted through the lens of Jesus reveals to us the character of God.

The nature of sin, the nature of justice, and the nature of God are such that it is impossible for men to be born sinners. Sin is voluntary act. Is it a sin to be born in a particular geographic location? Is it a sin to be born red, yellow, black, red or white? Is it a sin to be born Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim? Is it a sin to be born at all? No, because we have no choice in the matter of our birth as to where or who we will be born to. Our birth, and everything we are and have at birth, is out of our hands and none of our doing. Sin is "not" matter. It has absolutely no material or physical properties. Sin is an action, and so it is impossible for it to be passed on physically. Sin is a choice we make. Newborn babies are not choice makers, people living with impaired brain function are not responsible for their condition. They do not know the difference between right and wrong, and so cannot be accountable. A child has no moral character at birth. Sin is personal and non-transferable. No man can sin for, or be made guilty of, the sin of another man. Moral character, guilt, and accountability are non-transferable. Ez. 18:20, Deut. 24:16.

God's righteous justice makes it impossible for men to be born sinners. Is it possible that the infinitely just God could cause men to be born sinners and condemn them to hell for the sin of Adam? Can the perfect justice of God permit Him to impute the guilt of sin to the innocent or punish the innocent for the guilt of another? Is it really possible that innocent little babies open their eyes are sinners under the wrath of God, condemned to the torments of hell for the sin of Adam? Our whole logical reasoning revolts at such an idea. Yet this is the diabolical doctrine that is taught as orthodoxy truth in Christendom!

This doctrine makes every couple that is responsible for conception and bringing children into the world responsible for populating "hell", by bringing them into a world where they are born condemned sinners and for some reason or another fail to recite the "sinner's prayer, ends up in some hell, not to "perish", but to live eternally in continuous torture. Wow...does this show God as the loving, caring and merciful God that He is?

This doctrine portrays God as a cruel and unreasonable and tags couples who are responsible for bringing babies into the world as the same. It represents Him as Condemner who delights in sending men to hell for a nature which they received without their knowledge or consent, and with which He Himself created. According to this doctrine, millions of people have been born into this world with a sinful nature and have lived without ever hearing the Gospel; they are sinners simply because of the nature with which they were born, and then they have died and gone to hell without a chance to be saved. 

What a diabolical slandering this doctrine is upon a loving, grace giving and just God!


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