Religion Preaches...Good News or Bad News?

Glenn's sayings;

Religion says it preaches the “Good News Grace Gospel” ...well...I beg to differ because it isn't good news nor is it Grace when it is predicated on the very bad news that says people deserve to be tortured in some hell fire torture chamber for eternity
Religion's harboring disturbingly negative views about people God lovingly created for His good pleasure, undermines any“goodness” of the good news gospel that it claims to share with people.

Is it “Good News” to tell people...You’re a scum-of -the-earth-sinner who deserves to die and suffer in the flames of hell for eternity! But let me offer you a life line, if you will repent of your sin and agree that Jesus got a bad beaten and killed because of people like you, then God will stop hating and being angry with you and love you enough not to send you to hell. But, it is up to you!
Does that not offend you? So it should because it is a terrorist act at its worse?

The “good news” you say you are preaching is like serving somebody poison coated with sugar and honey covered with may taste better for people to swallow, but in the end it is just as potent.

It is a devilish people hating message, and as long as that’s the bill-of-goods you are selling people are not going to buy it. And I for one is going to keep exposing what’s wrong with it, because it is anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-Gospel.

The Religious gospel is fundamentally a anti-people message because it is predicated on the notion that humans deserve to be punished just for being what God created them to be and doing what is human nature to do.

Most people are not criminals, and yet the religious gospel explicitly believes that all people except the sinner-prayed-saints the deem themselves to be, deserve a punishment worse than ant terrorist act known to humanity and credit the terrorism to our loving God is an atrocity beyond comprehending. To believe God will assign the majority of His beloved people to an eternity of torturous suffering for a mere seventy or so years of what amount to normal human behavior is utterly irresponsible and demonic and of the devil devilish!


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