Glenn's sayings;

Repentance is more about finding out who I already am...than who I am not, a person in need of forgiveness for what I have done and will do in order to become who and what religion thinks I should be.

God in and through Christ took care of the forgiveness I need...past, present and future through the finished cross-work of Christ. If Christ didn't finish it, that's means I have to do something too finish it, thus my works plays a part in my reconciliation, thus it would not be by Grace and Grace alone.

Religion conceals who I am in Christ by telling me...I am born a sinner, saved by grace because I repeated the "sinner's prayer, BUT I am still in need of repentance to receive God's forgiveness. Religion, though believing it tells people who God is and what God and His Gospel is about...reveals who and what God and His Gospel is not about.

Grace reveals who I am in Christ....A person born forgiven by grace, loved by God and shows me who I AM in Christ, and reveals who God is and what God and His Gospel is about through Christ.

Religion reveals God as angry, vindictive and retributive who condemns the vast majority of His beloved creation to suffer in the eternal flames of hell fire forever, who takes a select few...those who have repeated the bible-less "sinners prayer" to be His.

Grace reveals God as merciful, compassionate, kind and a reconciling lover who has forgiven ALL people and will bring ALL people to the realization of their reconciliation where All people will see Him for who He really is...their loving Father whose love will never fail them.

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