Which Gospel do you Believe?

Glenn's sayings;

 A writer in Charisma Magazine states: “The Law doesn’t save us, but it sanctifies us.” 

What this is saying is: the grace of God brings people into a relationship with God but it’s people's keeping the do's and don'ts  that maintains that relationship and keeps people from upsetting a temperamental God who cannot look upon sin.

This is the Religious Gospel that Paul warned people not to return to “like a dog to its own vomit.”

The Gospel perspective according to the above is: We are saved by Grace but kept by the Law! They “fought the Law but the Law won” because they mixed the Law with Grace!

Let me tell you something, you put up a fight against the Law and the Law will always win!

However, We are not called to fight the Law to make it palatable by mixing it with Grace. Jesus fought the Law but the Law did NOT “ win! Jesus fulfilled the Law by removing it as God's standard of holiness and godliness by revealing the mystery that was hidden in the Law...The Grace Gospel! The Gospel is no longer based on the Law's do's and don'ts...it is now based on what God has done through Jesus.
Through the Mixed Gospel of Grace and Law...people are brought into a relationship with God by Grace but that relationship is maintained by doing the do's and not doing the dont's of the Law. Therefore, the maintaining of people's relationship with God is based on what they do!

Through the Gospel of Grace people are brought into a relationship with God by Grace and that relationship is maintained by Grace...it is ALL based on what Christ has done and NOTHING of what man can do!

So...which Gospel do you think is the TRUE GOSPEL?

The Law Mixed with Grace Gospel...where people are saved by grace but kept by law

God's Grace Gospel...Where people are saved by grace and kept by grace!

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