The Religious Bubble has a LEAK!

If you are believer in the man-made religious gospel, your understanding of God is limited by your wrong conceptualization of of Him and your present spiritual maturity very is insecure and grossly lacking, and the future you preach to people who do not believe as you do is imaginary and a fabricated story of fear mongering. It is a story that imprisons people’s spirit and freedom behind invisible and almost impenetrable walls of deception.

Religious denominations are inundated with false teachers and preachers and wolves in sheep clothing who sell people a false future of spending eternity in the fires of a torture-chamber hell-hole with their godless and dirty man-made doctrines of deception that manipulates and controls them in order to keep the religious wheels of deception turning. Religion is a thief that preys on people to fear-monger them into giving their money to the cause, or suffer the wrath and anger of God for steeling money from Him. Their God is a God that is never satisfied and is constantly looking for ways to wrath down terror on people who do not conform to their way of belief and religious thinking.

But the religious bubble has a sprung a leak and will eventually burst wide open. There is something arising over the spiritual horizon that is capturing the heart of truth seekers of God, a deep understanding of a spiritual connectivity between people and the true God “who is LOVE” and people are seeing the truth of who God is and are accepting  the fact that He has initiated and completed His salvation plan for ALL of people without any input from mankind.

The religious barriers between man and God are slowly disappearing, even though most religious people are not ready for the infusion of God’s love, mercy and grace that this spiritual awaking is about. Religious deception and manipulation will be exposed to the light of Christ but the religious bible literalist will feel as if it is an attack by the devil on their else gospel because of the religious deception they believe to be truth. Religionists will continue playing the shame and blame game with people who are open to the spiritual awakening hoping to fear-monger them in order to keep control over them, but the search light of the truth of Christ will expose the religious debauchery for what it is, anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-Gospel and eventually religion will pass off the scene as the way to God, even though it will survive as a social institution.

If people are willing trust God and each other they will be able go through this earth life confident in the finished cross-work of Christ and secure in the GOOD NEWS GOSPEL, knowing that the eternity that awaits them is bright because they realize that God, who is LOVE, will never forsake them or send them to a torture chamber of hell fire for eternity.


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